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What is the State of Delusion Podcast?

The "State of Delusion" podcast is a once a week podcast that involves two or more of our authors talking and debating about certain issues.  These hard-hitting issues can consist of "Which Pokemon would taste the best?" and "Who would be your starting five on basketball team consisting of fictional characters?" These are the questions that you want to know the answer to, but you just haven't thought of the question.  Hope you enjoy! 

State of Delusion Podcast

In our inaugural episode of "State of Delusion." Dan Collins and Jimmy Rippert from talk about their starting roster on an NBA team made up of fictional characters. They naturally get side tracked and started talking about how NBA teams would look like if they had to play players who were based off their logo. They eventually return to the original topic and wrap it all up. The songs used were "Once in a While" by Don't Stop or We'll Die (Check them out, they're great), "Basketball" by Lil Bow Wow and "That's How I Beat Shaq" by Aaron Carter.

Episode 2: The Bradley Cooper Podcast

This week Dan Collins and Jimmy Rippert are back to talk about literally everything. After recording almost two hours of material they edited it to a manageable one hour-ish. They talk about time traveling and whether or not they would have Cheetos fingers or a popcorn kernel stuck in their throat. Also one of the hosts comes out as a racist... sort of. Anyway please enjoy and tell all of your friends             

Episode 3: We Become (Drunk) Gladiators

Jimmy Rippert and Dan Collins from sit down and crack a few beers for their third 'State of Delusion' podcast. This episode they talk about their weapons of choice if they were ancient gladiators and Jimmy plays the lighting round of "Hy-pathetically." Enjoy! Songs used were "Once in a While" by Don't Stop or we'll die, "Land Down Under" by the b-foundation and "Symphonies" by Kid Kudi.

Episode 1: The Fictional NBA

State of Delusion Minicast Episode 1: Cereal Killers 

Ever wonder who would win in a fight between Tony the Tiger and Captain Crunch? Of course you haven't, but luckily we're too stupid to argue about any informed topic for 15 mins, so we debated about different cereal mascots respective fighting ability. This week we were joined by Tommy Rippert, younger brother of co-founder Jimmy Rippert, and he was satisfactory. Enjoy!

Hey, Where are all the Podcasts?

Short Answer: We have absolutely no idea

Long Answer: It turns out the website that was hosting our podcasts requires its users to log in at least once a year to remain active, and in our year long journey to find ourselves (not do any work) we forgot to sign in.  

So as we locate our podcasts this page will be more or less useless.  Also if you find our podcasts please email us at and we will pay any ransom you ask* 

*Under 100 dollars.  

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