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Daniel Day Lewis arrested while preparing for a role.

MIAMI, FLORIDA- After announcing that he was going to be cast as Walt Disney in a new biopic, fans and critics alike were wondering what method actor, Daniel Day Lewis, would do to get ready for filming. Daniel Day Lewis has been known to dive into a role with 100% commitment as seen when he worked as a oil driller for four months to prepare for his role in "There will Be Blood" or when he beat up random homeless people in New York City to prepare for his role in "The Boxer". Some feel that he has finally crossed the line from method actor to sexual predator as he was caught by Florida Police trying to lure children into his van. He was quoted, while being pushed into a patrol car, saying "I'm just getting into character, was Walt Disney not a notorious pedophile?" His manager had an official statement saying "While Daniel is known for taking extreme measures in order to get into character; he is not known for doing much research before a role, as seen in his presumption that Walt Disney was a pedophile." This is not the first time Lewis has under researched a role, during filming of "Gangs of New York" Lewis thought he was playing a run of the mill butcher before realizing that "Bill the Butcher" was just a nickname for a gang leader and murderer. As it stands right now Lewis is facing attempted child abduction charges just three weeks before filming starts. This run in with the law is not only hurting this movie as Paramount Pictures have reconsidered casting him as Adolph Hitler for "precautionary measures".

Jimmy Rippert is co-founder/Co-CEO/Unpaid intern of Delusional Suspects. Follow him on twitter @Fishboyjim or don't, but please do.

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