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Lesser Known iPhone Apps

Uber, Instagram and Snapchat are household names thanks to the success of their apps. The apps listed below aren't so well known, for obvious reasons.

1.) The Rock Identifier App

Pros: With one point and click this app can correctly identify any rock by type. You can use this knowledge to try to impress your friends

Cons: If you think knowing every different type of rock type is impressive, you probably have no friends.

2) Water Temperature App

Pros: This app can measure the temperature of water droplets to 1/10 of a degree

Cons: It takes about 60 seconds to calculate the temperature so odds are it will break your phone

3.) Bands You'll Hate

Pros: Based solely off the songs you listen to most on iTunes, this app can accurately predict which bands you will hate.

Cons: No matter what songs you own, Nickleback is always number one

4) Arbor Day Countdown App

Pros: Never miss Arbor Day again with this app. When the countdown goes to zero an alarm will remind you that it is Arbor Day

Cons: Nobody gives a fuck about Arbor Day

5) Find My Phobia

Pros: Whether your personal phobia is spiders, foreigners or, in the case of the picture above, clowns, this app will show you where the nearest personification of your phobia is.

Cons: If you are so insecure that you need to constantly know where your phobia is at all times, you need help from a psychiatrist, not a shitty phone app.

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